Research, Build, Automate

Automate your trading strategy with our quantitative strategy builder. No coding necessary! Build your strategy from the ground up with our step by step rules, filters and conditions, automating your entry and exit rules.

Deploy your strategy for live signals and trading execution.

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Streamline your investment trading strategy

Employ analysis-based trading, for data-driven decisions that help identify trends, potential risks, and profitable opportunities, optimizing your trading strategy and overall results.

Data Driven Approach to Markets

Combine the power of automation and improve your portfolio performance.


Versatile Coverage

Access a versatile ecosystem of tools for unbiased investment advice and analysis, customizable strategies, and seamless screening and simulation.


Decision Making

Make informed trading decisions and position your portfolios in the market smarter with our advanced platform that leverages over 200+ data points.


Precise Trading

Sustainable, direct, and unbiased order routing to your favorite brokers. Link your TDAmeritrade, Alpaca markets, and Oanda accounts for direct execution.

Improve your workflow

Utilize our tools to generate eventful trade setup recommendations. Enforced adaptive risk/reward into your trading strategy and streamline decision making.

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