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Quantified Research!

Unbiased market research covering the S&P 500 underlying stocks, sectors, major etfs and crypto currencies. Increase your visibility with an advanced set of research tools. Views range from (side-by-side) assets comparisons to entire markets or sector balances.

Customizable Plans

Time Horizons

Intervals ranging from minute(s) intra-day prices to weekly intervals. Active technical research is provided on the daily data-sets (by default) using last quoted price during active market hours.

Market Balance and Strength

Correlation and Balances

Color-coded pearson correlation matrix and realtime market and sector balances and strength.

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Transform your trading with our advanced platform. Designed to give you the edge you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of finance.

With advanced automation, you'll gain unparalleled insights and analysis to make informed trading decisions. Discover the benefits of our platform today and experience a whole new level of trading success.

Our intuitive interface, personalized alerts, and comprehensive market data make it easy to stay on top of market trends and identify profitable opportunities.

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